In our own mould design and con­struc­tion shop, we make foam and beating moulds for the manu­fac­tu­ring of auto­body parts.

These moulds enable our custo­mers to get an idea of how the car body will finally look like, before the process has actually started.

To us, these moulds are the most impor­tant part in resto­ring a car, as they ensure that the car body becomes a per­fect sculpture.


Getting to the bottom of things

Framework making is an ancient craft full of tradition. Our business partner manu­fac­tures master­pieces made of ash and beech wood that form the per­fect frame for your classic.

Well-seasoned wood, glued and mortised in the most profes­sional manner, ensure the body's rigidity and guarantee long-term value conser­vation.

Our ability of thin­king three-dimen­sional­ly and the command of old wood­working tech­niques enable us to meet our customers highest expec­ta­tions.


Perfection, precision and passion for the detail

In the field of car mecha­nics, we also provide full service. We offer you a wide range: from engine repair, brake and under­body resto­ra­tion, to the accep­tance test, our motto is “all under one roof”.

A highly motivated team of experts, committed to top stan­dards and the wish to give you the utmost driving pleasure, is at your disposal.


In this depart­ment, we make use of proven tradi­tional methods and tech­niques invented by great body makers of the past.

Priority is always given to the preser­vation of the precious original material, so that even sheet-metal parts thought lost, now glisten with renewed splendour.

Technologies like spot­welding and oxy­acety­lene welding, are our everyday business, as well as using air ham­mers, power moulding machines and laser-scanning.

We consider car body making to be an art, and there­fore offer our customers the manu­fac­tu­ring of top-quality and high-end aluminium and steel bodies.

No matter whether you wish a car to be restored or a missing car to be rebuilt, based on photographs, a team of highly-qualified experts is at your disposal.


You have searched every vintage car market and trade fair, but still not found the part you want for your classic?

You are looking for a trim, a door handle, a fuel tank or a seat frame?

It would be our pleasure to exactly rebuild the missing part for you.

Either the tradi­tional way – manually – or by using state-of-the-art four-shaft milling-milling machines, we are able to manu­fac­ture even the most complex compo­nent and make it shine like brand-new.


Stitch by stitch in proven Quality. In our in-house saddlery we are handling with historical correct materials and use the best suppliers from all over the world to procure fine leather hides and fabrics.

In our in-house saddlery we are handling with historical correct materials and use the best suppliers from all over the world to procure fine leather hides and fabrics.

Wir blicken optimistisch in die Zukunft, dank unserer soliden Vergangenheit, die geprägt ist von Handwerkskunst, Erfahrung und Liebe zum Detail. Wir verarbeiten historisch korrekte Materi­alien und nutzen bei der Beschaffung edler Leder­häute und Stoffe beste Lieferanten aus aller Welt.

The preservation of valuable original substance is very important to us. Benefit from the synergy effect between our subsections under one roof.

We gladly give you advise


Only a perfect car body enables a perfect appli­ca­tion of paint. Thin layers in the paint struc­ture as well as selec­ting the appro­priate materials are essential factors in making a bright coating.

Und Sie bestimmen die Ober­flächen­qualität. Von der spiegel­glatten Highendober­fläche mit modernen Lacken bis hin zur historischen Kunstharz- oder Nitrolackierung kann jedem Fahr­zeug­typ und auch dem aus­ge­falle­nen Kundengeschmack ent­sprochen werden.


Many of our custo­mers in Europe have spared them­selves long voyages through the conti­nent by using our trans­port service. In a closed trailer, we take your classic safely to the desti­na­tion of your choice.

If you wish so, we also take care of the neces­sary customs paper work and formali­ties. Please ask for the details.

By the way, for our resto­ra­tion customers, this service is included.


Our customers have great expectations

Only those who offer top qua­li­ty, love for the de­tail and a wealth of know­ledge con­cer­ning the histo­ry of classic cars; only those who have a great sense of res­pon­si­bi­li­ty for their work, for their custo­mers and for them­sel­ves, will be able to hold their ground even in periods of economic difficulties.

Our maxim is,as Socrates said,
“He who believes to be something has ceased to become anything at all.”

A Heart for Vintage Cars

As resto­rers of classic vehicles, we have specia­lised in the high-end repair and manu­fac­tu­ring of car bo­dies, in addi­tion to resto­ring com­plete cars.

Apart from steel bodies, we have gained special exper­tise in manu­fac­tu­ring and resto­ring alu­minium bodies.

An average number of ten to twenty classic cars is waiting for our specialists to make them shine like brand­new again.

In our own mould design and construc­tion shop, we make foam and beating moulds for the manu­fac­tu­ring of unique pieces and special­shape bodies.

On its 1600 square meters, our factory comprises various spa­tial­ly separated de­part­ments, such as the body­shop, the blast­cleaning shop, seve­ral storage rooms, offices, and – last but not least – our assem­bly hall, which is per­fect­ly equipped for vehicle inspections, engine repairs and the reassembly of resto­red classics.

We offer a detailed photo docu­men­tation of each phase of the restoration process, so you can see for yourself the outstanding quality of our work and the current state of things.

The most important part of our business is our expe­rien­ced team, which never loses sight of the essentials.

The team consists of seventeen experts, each of them a master of his trade, six of them certified. No matter whether your car needs a body repair or there is a mechanical problem, you can always rely on the assistance of highly-qualified experts.

They ensure that your vintage car will be restored to the tiniest detail, providing top-quality results through an absolutely accurate pre­pa­ra­tion and organisation of the working process.

We do not accept but the very best tools and machines. So our factory and shops' tech­no­lo­gi­cal equipment is state-of-the-art. Only this will gua­ran­tee for a constant top-level work.

René Große, mechanic since 1982, and certified master craftsman for car body manu­fac­tu­ring since 1994, has been restoring classic auto­mobiles since his teenage years.

He succeeded in perfecting the art of restoring vintage cars. Made by René Große has become a synonym for high-end car restoration, meanwhile appreciated worldwide.


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